Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to connect a Samsung Syncmaster P2270HD to your PC with a HDMI cable

If you connect a Samsung Syncmaster to your PC/laptop using a HDMI cable the quality isn't very good. It looks a little blurry. It took me a lot of research to find the solution.

You have to go to the Source menu in your Samsung, then choose Rename and select a PC as the name. After this you will get a crystal clear picture.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Q7Goodies evaluation version released

We just created and uploaded an evaluation version of Q7Goodies. This version has the same features as the full one but it works only for 30 days and appends the 'Q7Goodies' string to window title, jump list entries, taskbar thumbnail title, etc.

The evaluation version contains dynamic and static libraries for both: Microsoft Visual C++ and MinGW (QtCreator). There are also two demo applications and their source code. The header files are self-contained, it means that you don't need to install the Windows 7 SDK.

Ok, where to download it? Just go to the demos section.